Top Followed Pakistani Celebrities On Instagram.

Social media has become immensely popular. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. People share their pictures, videos, and pictorial stories to keep in touch with their followers. Instagram is such a big thing that there are so many individuals who became celebrities only through it. Pakistani celebrities however are obviously not just Instagram celebrities. They have worked really hard to get where they are today. There was a debate some time back that whether the popularity on Instagram affects a Pakistani celebrities’ career or not.

Here is the list of most followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

Rank       Name                                             Followers

01           Ayeza Khan                                  8.5M

02           Aiman Khan                                 8.3M     

03           Mahira Khan                                7.3M

04           Sajal Aly                                        7M 

05           Mawra Hocane                           6.3M     

06           Sarah Khan                                   6.3M     

07           Hina Altaf                                     5.8M     

08           Atif Aslam                                     5.6M     

09           Iqra Aziz                                        5.6M     

10           Sana Javed                                   5.6M     

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